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General business conditions of the cat hotel Feline (German law)

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General  business conditions of the cat hotel Feline (German law)
Signing of the contract
Throug registration the customer offers the cat hotel Feline the conclusion of an accommodation 
contract obligatory. The registration can  personally, by telephone or in writing 
(also through FAX or e-mail) result. 
First through the return of the signed original of the reservation confirmation of the 
cat hotel Feline and entrance of the down-payment within 10 days receives this contract his vilidity. 
The confirmation needs no certain form. If the content of the confirmation of the content of the 
registration deviates, so exists a new offer of the cat hotel Feline, at which these for the duration 
by 10 days is bound. The contract comes about by virtue of this new offer, if the customer within 
the linking time limit explains the acceptance.


Duties of the pet owner
The customer ist obligated, to make true and complete statements about the state of health and 
the character of his animal. Furthermore the pet owner ist obligated, to present at delivery of his 
animal the identity card or passport. Besides the vaccination card of  the animal  is to be deposited 
at the cat hotel Feline for the time of the stay. All damages or consequence damages emerged from 
incorrrectly made statements - also facing thirds - can be asserted facing the customer.
Conditions for  the registration
All animals, which be older than 6 month or sexually mature must be sterilized. All animals at the 
age of more than 2 month must be inoculated (first immunize) against folliwing diseases: Cat cold 
(respiratory viral deseases), cat epidemic (feline infectious enteritis) and rabies. These inoculations 
must date back 21 days an have to be not older than  1 oder 3 years ( this difference is resulting of 
the vaccine - please ask your veterinary doctor!! These inculdes the period of the accommodation 
in the cat hotel Feline with. Each cat is treated bei beginning of the stay with a parasite medicine 
(neck drops - FRONTLINE), unless a veterinarian certifies a such treatment within 2 weeks before 
beginning hotel stay. Already before accommodation beginning appeared diseases, injuries or 
health particularities (e.g. special nourishment due to by illnesses) are the cat hotel Feline obsolute 
to inform. Special feeding is possible only in exceptions.

Illnesses of animals
In case an animal during the stay in the cat hotel Feline falls ill, the customer carries all from it emerging costs, particularly costs of treatment, costs for medicines, travelling expenses, veterinarian visits, prescription fees, special accommodation and special care. The customer carries these costs also in case the illness is to be led back to the community with the other cats. The necessary treatments are accomplished as a rule through the pet doctor of the cat hotel Feline, unless you call us your wish veterinarian. These costs are to pay in cash by the owner of the animal. If an animal should fall ill during the accommodation so with difficulty, that after veterinary diagnosis is impossible a healing and the animal suffers, explains itself of the pet owners explicitly with it in agreement, that the animal is put to sleeped on his costs through the veterinarian. This counts also in case a consultation is not possible with the pet owner.

With receipt of the reservation confirmation becomes a down-payment in an amount of 50 % of 
the price for full board within 10 days due. First with entrance of the signed contract original 
and the down-payment becomes the reservation for the cat hotel Feline obligatory. If the 
dow-payment should enter within 10 days neither the signed contract nor, can be given to somebody 
else the reserved place without further notification. The final payment as well as the costs for special 
agreements are at pension entry of the animal to pay in cash. If further costs should emerge during 
the stay of the animal so are these to pay in cash by the pet owner at colletion of the cat.
Contract cancellation
The customer can step back any time before accommodation beginning of the contract. 
The cancellation is written to explain. Decisive is thereby the entrance of the cancellation explanation
 at the cat hotel Feline. To 4 weeks before accommodation beginning ist a cancellation without costs 
possible. Cancellation 3 weeks before accommodation beginning becomes an amount of 25 %, 
to 2 weeks of 50 % , to 1 week of 75 %, after that 100 % of the price for full board minus the saved 
expenditures due. These regulations count independently of the point in the time of the signing 
of the contract. The cat hotel Feline can contradict and rescind the contract, if the animal do not 
correspond to the requirements according to No. 2 and 3 of the general business conditions or is in 
high measure aggressively against persons and animals and a seperate accommodation is in the 
individual case not possible. Also untrie statements through the owner of the animal - particularly 
in referance to illnesses or parasite attack - authorize the cat hotel Feline to the immediate 
cancellation of the contract. If the cat hotel Feline should become untrue statements after hotel 
beginning known and emerge thereby a dditional costs (e.g. for disinfection measures, chamber 
hunter and/or loss of earnings etc.), so become these the causing pet owner considered.
If a customer the stay arranged in the contract breaks so does not emerge from it claim to 
reimbursement - also not partially.
Extension of stay
If an owner should not can pick up at the end of the pension contract his animal, so is obligated, 
that the cat hotel Feline must be informed immediately. The customer obligates itself at extension, 
the price for full board due for the duration of the extension and perhaps additional costs at pick 
up of his animal in cash to pay. The cat hotel Feline can refuse an extension without statement of 
particular reasons. Extensions which the period of 7 days overstep need in any case the writing.

Injuring of the contract
If a customer should not pick up his animal with end of the contract and do not report also because of a contract extension, so calculates the cat hotel Feline following addition costs: 1.-7. day + 50 % of the price , 8.-14. day + 75 % of the price, from the 15. day + 100 % of the price. The owner of the animal transfers from the 30. day, thereby he did not pick up his cat, automatically all ownership at this animal on the cat hotel Feline and that all emerging costs will be payed. The cat hotel Feline reserves itself further legal steps explicitly.


Responsibility limit
The cat hotel Feline takes for damages and consequence damages, which emerge during the stay, 
no responsibility, unless these emerge through intention or crude carelessness. For homesitting 
and free walking cats there is no responsibility at all. The responsibility amount is limited to the 
amount of an equivalent animal. The owner is responsible for all damages which causes his 
animal - e. g. uncleanliness.
Inefficiency of determinations 
In case indivudual determinations of this general business conditions are ineffectiv it dont touch 
the remaining of it.
Jurisdiction and place of fulfillment
Jurisdiction and place of fulfillment is Ansbach/Germany.
Validly from 18.06.2010 

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