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General business conditions of the cat hotel Feline

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English informations

Conditions for accommodation

The location is realy quiet with light-coloured rooms,
nice and warm during the wintertime 
and breezy in the summer.
Much room to move and even individual 
retreat  possibilities are provided. 
Fond and sensitive care is guaranteed.

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More pictures can see You at our galery
   Our Service

* Short and long accommodation
accommodation and care during vacations 
or grounds of ill health, relocation

Prices all inclusive  
1  cat              10,00 € / day
 2 cats           19,00 € / day
 3 cats           25,00 € / day

Prices for four cats and more on demand

* Pick up and bring back service

Pick-up and bring back service is 15,00 € 
plus 0,50 €  for each kilometer.
For pick-up and bring back service between 
10 pm and 7am we surcharge 10,00 €, 
likewise on sundays and holidays.

If you will be displaced or return to the USA, 
click this helpful link:

G.K. Airfreight Service
Gradlyn Kennels GmbH
Cargo City Nord - Tor 26 Gebäude 458
60549 Frankfurt/M. Flughafen

fon: +49 -69 69 71 254 0
fax: +49 -69 69 71 254 25
mail: info@petshipping.com

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Route Map to the Cat hotel Feline

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The cats have to be vaccinated against Rabies, Feline Infectious Enteritits and Respiratory Viral Diseases. 
These inoculations have to be not older than 1 year and not younger than 14 days. 

All cats older than 8/9 month have to be neutralisated!
At hotel beginning you have to present your ID-card or passport and the reservation confirmation. 
The vaccination card of your cat (or a copie from the card of your veterinary doctor or clinic) must be deposited 
during the stay. 
In the contract you confirm uns that your cat is not suffered from worms. 

                                               Please don't put on your cat a collar against parasites!! 
Should a veterinarian visit be necessary during the stay our pet doctor stays by any time.


Through letter, fax, e-mail, by phone or you pass personally. 
At the resevation are 50 % of the hotel costs as down payment due.
First on receipt of this down payment your reservation by the cat hotel Feline ist guaranteed. 
The remainder ist present at the hotel beginning or at collection of the cat through us.
If you phone: 
                                                        We speak only a little bit English - speak very slow!             
We need the following facts: 
                                                        1.  At what time you want to reserve (from.. to...) 
                                                        2. how many cats - now we can say if a place is available or not!
                                                            and the name, age, colour of the cat/s. 
                                                        3. Your name and address and your phone number
You will get by letter a reservation confirmation in English. Please transfer the down payment to our account. 
Cat hotel Feline 
owner: Helmut Schneider 
Niederdombach 5 
D 91567 Herrieden 
Phone:  0 98 25 - 92 58 42
Fax     : 0 98 25 - 20 37 39
Mail    : katzenpension.feline@t-online.de
http     : www.katzenpension-feline.de
We are for you there:
Monday - Friday 
                                 9.00 - 18.00 
                                 9.00 - 14.00

Sundays + holydays we have closed


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